Manifest for women campaign

Kraxy Rabbit applauds uniqueness and courage with its latest manifesto campaign, that celebrates the effort we each make in order to feel good with ourselves. The campaign encourages you to quite abiding rules and why not, be anti-fashion! “Women Manifesto” means being yourself, no matter what that could mean. It’s also an encouragement for personal style, be that large, shapeless baggy clothes, skin tight dresses, all black aficionados or people who can’t resist colors and even mini skirts at 50. Whatever makes you feel good. After all, we’re all different, we have unique styles and we’re more than entitled to show them off.

I’ve been noticing, more or less surprised, that we’re still being told what a woman should be like. She needs to be feminine, something apparently unachievable for those who have some extra weight. Therefore, a woman must “look good”, be skinny, fit. However, see Serena Williams, not too fit, since then the femininity is gone yet again and it’s apparently our compulsory trait. Of course, she can’t be too much into looking good, since then she becomes conceited, self absorbed and superficial. Let’s not even get into the fact that others believe they have a right to tell us how to dress, for some an outfit becoming the excuse to something inexcusable.

No. No, nope, no way. I will encourage women to not give a damn about what society has to say until I will lose my voice. And yes, society, since the imaginary competition that exists between women can lead to much meaner remarks than the gentlemen ever throw our way.

The women of today dream of independence. We dream of having our own businesses, of being out own boss. After decades of being represented by our fathers, brothers, husbands and sons, we finally have a voice and we crave power. In order to reach that position, however, we need to learn to shut out the mean voices and to stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated and put down by others’ preconceptions. It’s not an easy feat, however power can disappear as easily as it came, all due to lack of self awareness and confidence, killed by something as irrelevant as a mean comment.

Even if it’s quite difficult at times to get to that place where nothing can shatter your self esteem, each step we take into that direction needs to be celebrated. After all, what’s more beautiful than a strong, confident woman?

Kraxy Rabbit is not a simple clothing line, it’s a lifestyle. After stepping into our world, you will find more than a simple outfit. Here you’ll find a warm smile, good vibes, thoughtful advice and clothes for any kind of beauty. Find the courage to express yourself the way you feel you should, the courage to be yourself, to be unique!

Courage, who are you? What makes you unique? We dare you to tell us in three words who you are.

I am determined, brave and proud.

imagine final

Guest post by Patricia Luiza Blaj

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