• Crectorul potrivit pentru tenul tau

    Cand vine vorba de abilitati de machiaj, perfectionarea tehnicii este intr-o evolutie continua.Astazi voi vorbi despre paleta de corectoare, functiile si beneficiile acesteia.Chiar si iubitorii de frumusete cei mai dedicati , se pot simti intimidati de paletele de corectoare multi-colorate.

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  • Lifting fara interventii chirurgicale

    Este bine cunoscut faptul ca prin contur si iluminare putem modifica sau corecta anumite trasaturi ale fetei, ca putem „ascunde” si cele cateva kilograme in plus, evident daca reusim sa realizam corect conturarea fetei. Continue Reading

  • Clay and its benefits

    Clay is used for centuries for its amazing properties. It is used to cleanse , detoxify , and regenerate body remineralization both inside and outside. Due to the  benefits it has , clay is used for various needs such as washing and feeding hair, making natural soap, as natural disinfectant for cleaning , as a detoxifying drink , purifying skin mask nourishing and exfoliating and many other ways ! It is truly a wonderful product of the earth, which demonstrates once again how nature helps us with clean and super effective remedies . Continue Reading

  • Makeup generalities that makes you look more attractive

    Makeup art is a delicate process that can end completely chaotic. Therefore we have created a list of quick and easy tips to brighten your look every day. Continue Reading

  • You can feel the attitude!

    You can feel the attitude!

    I work for many years in fashion industry, I’ve signed many magazine covers and I’ve been part of many catwalk shows, I’ve done music videos and short movies. I’ve learned to work with both female and male models from all around the world. Very often people ask me what is the difference between us people, if models are different because of their beauty. My answer is always the same, the only difference between us people is the attitude. Continue Reading

  • Let your hair do what it wants

    My dear, like most of you I am a summer big fan, the cool summer evenings, the scorching sun and long summer days. And since it is summer where can we feel better than at an outdoor music  festival where the passion for good music, fashion and freedom are combined in one place. Since Untold is knocking at our doors, I thought we can talk a little about how we deal with our hair in the days of the festival and how we carry it.

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  • Festival makeup

    During the summer we want the skin to radiate a natural glow, not the sweat or/and excess sebum. It’s pretty hard to fulfill this desire when you spend all day in the heat. Especially if we talk of festivals, there will be no time not suitable places where to refresh your makeup. However, a solution also exists. Even if the effects will not be permanent, these tips tend to increase the amount of resistance and improve makeup looks. Continue Reading

  • Makeup for redhair

    Do you know the real hair color?

    Red has three basic colors: copper (orange ) to red, red – violet and red. Light shades that tend towards a natural shade are the category of copper; darker shades can be found in violet-red category; strong and vibrant shades are found in the red category.

    It is important to know what shade of red you have to avoid conflicts between shades of hair, makeup and clothing. Continue Reading

  • Makeup suitable for blondes

    For blonde women some of the makeup colors can be to harsh and also they can make the skin look white. To avoid these unpleasant situations keep in mind “Less is more!”.

    The daily makeup for blondes has to be illuminated and natural. Light shades of pink, violet and beige eyeshadow combined with small contrasts of dark shades it is all you need for a simple and fast daily makeup. For evening makeup we recommend you smokey eyes with mat gray and silver. After applying the make up in order to make you eyes makeup pop out you need to also apply mascara.

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  • Manifest for women campaign

    Kraxy Rabbit applauds uniqueness and courage with its latest manifesto campaign, that celebrates the effort we each make in order to feel good with ourselves. The campaign encourages you to quite abiding rules and why not, be anti-fashion! “Women Manifesto” means being yourself, no matter what that could mean. It’s also an encouragement for personal style, be that large, shapeless baggy clothes, skin tight dresses, all black aficionados or people who can’t resist colors and even mini skirts at 50. Whatever makes you feel good. After all, we’re all different, we have unique styles and we’re more than entitled to show them off.

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